Sand Stone

Sand Stone Veneers is a revolutionary product by Classical Veneers. We are a leading supplier of stone veneer sheets as we are the quarry owner and manufacturer with our own mining and over five to six production factories. Sand stone veneers are created with natural stone like slate and granite. Thus the authenticity of stone remains intact. 

The ultra-thin and flexible layers of Sand stone are created as lightweight flexible and durable alternatives to the actual stone. 

Benefits of Ultra-thin Sand Stone Veneer Sheet

Ultraflex 1 MM Stone veneer sheets

Adaptable to all interior and exterior applications. Available in Slate and Quartzite variants. ! MM sheet is created with fabric backing. Highly functional and convenient. Adds to your aesthetic and looks classy on all kinds of surfaces. 

Ultraflex 2 MM Sand Stone Veneer sheets 

This is a standard sized Sand stone veneer. Ultra-light and flexible for interior and exterior applications. It comes with Polyester backing and is extremely strong. 

The 2 MM stone veneer gives an elegant stone surface at a fraction of a price. Easily installable on curved surfaces without the hassle of adjustments or wastage.

It is dynamic in nature and available in Slate, Quartzite, Marble, Sandstone, Granite and limestone. It is one of our most demanded products in the market. 

3-D Self Adhesive Panel

Bringing in specialised masons and builders to install veneers or stones is costly and time-consuming. We have ventured into providing self-adhesive 3-D panels to ease the inconvenience caused because of installation processes. 

3-D self-adhesive panels are easily installable, highly cost-efficient and time-saving. You need not have any expertise to install this product.  These are best for interior decorations and creating a comfortable beautiful space.