Metal Veneer Sheets Metallic Product

Designed to give your interiors a versatile and durable shine, Classical Veneers brings to you a special range of metallic veneers. These come with the durability of metal and are in various shapes for you to choose from. 

The Key Benefits of Metal Veneer Sheets are: 

Lustrous Finish:  Metal sheets are reflective in nature. Metallic shine gives your interiors an excellent makeover. 

Heat resistance:  Metal Veneer sheets are heat resistant. This is highly advantageous in reducing the risk of lustre loss and unwanted damage.

Stain Resistant: The metallic surface is easy to clean and remove any kind of stains. Thus, it lasts for years without fading or losing its shine. 

Classical Veneers has brought a variety of shapes in metallic sheets to choose from. This includes

Going a step further Classical Veneers have also ventured into peel and stick linear metallic sheets.
This has its own benefits including easy installation and hassle-free maintenance. These are available in two options that are a volcano and Kuba.

You can be stress-free about the quality provided by Classical Veneers. We have our own production units and depend on raw materials provided by our own quarrying activities. The supply of our product is assured with superior quality and the best finish. 

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