Concrete Veneer sheets have become a leading choice for many. This change is facilitated by the numerous advantages of concrete stone veneer sheets

This is an innovative solution for beautiful walls with the flexibility of design. The concrete sheet veneers are versatile and provide architects and designers with the ability to create multiple looks. 

Apart from the beautiful textures and appearance, these sheets can be installed effortlessly. This feature allows them to be used in DIY projects, home decoration, commercial use as well as furniture making. 

Stone veneer sheets give you the effect of natural stone with utmost flexibility and are highly lightweight. Multiple applications and varied use have made it a favourite for many. 

Builders and designers have preferred concrete veneer sheets as they are customizable and look elegant with the least effort. These are generally utilized for wall cladding, doors and furniture. 

Why Concrete Veneer Sheets are Better?

Concrete is a go-to for builders in the past times. It has unmatched flexibility and variety. Because of this feature, these are easily customised and polished. 

This takes us to why concrete veneers are a great choice. These fit any design and use. Concrete veneers create a modern and polished look at any surface these are placed. 

Classical Veneer specialise in flexible concrete veneer sheets. These are suitable for various applications like wall claddings, doors, furniture or architecture. 

The Advantages of Concrete Veneers Include

Most inexpensive among the other masonry or wall options

Strong and durable for long-lasting use

Reduced long term maintenance 

Flexible design and colour options

Variety in thickness of veneers

Classical Veneer Provides Veneer Sheets in Two Thickness Options:

5 MM thick Veneer sheets

6 MM thick Veneer sheets 

You can even choose from multiple colour choices. 

Natural Grey

Light Grey

Dark Grey

Brick Red

Clay Brown

We even have textures that add spice to the surfaces you install concrete veneers onto: 





The beauty of having options is that it allows you to install in different places with colours of your choice. You can add textures to surfaces and still spend minimal money with the gorgeous final output. 

Concrete stone veneer sheets help you in achieving a finished look for your residence or office with the reduced hassle of managing other options available in the market. You can trust Classical Veneer for your Concrete Veneer sheet needs. We have the best in the class production facility and provide a quality product. 

Our concrete veneer wall sheet has been chosen by many to decorate their rooms. You can be assured about the quality, delivery and after sale service, as your satisfaction is our priority.