Art Wall

The aesthetic of metal interior designing is mesmerizing and captivates the look of everyone who passes by it. It creates a luxurious aura in any space. But this comes with the cost of heavy metal sheets and casting. 

The disadvantages of using actual metal are installation problems as well as less malleability of curved surfaces. Even so, there is good news. Creating textured metal surfaces that exactly suit your desire is possible with liquid metal veneers. 

Liquid metal veneers are manufactured using real metals but in a liquid state. It is easy to achieve a rich look of metal using these as they come in a spray form. Because of the liquid form, achieving the desired texture and colour is extremely easy. 

Whether it is a flat, textured or curved surface, liquid metal veneers could be easily applied onto any base without the conditions of size, form or shape. 

You can create versatile designs with metallic tones which are durable and cost you much less than actual metal sheets. 

Classical Veneers provides liquid metal in 3 choices that are copper, bronze and silver. We even have the option of Metal Rust for you to pick from.

You can match every surface to your chosen theme with the help of liquid metal veneers. These are easy to use and create a flawless finish on all the surfaces they are applied. Another advantage of liquid metal veneers is the zero risk of oxidation which is a major problem with real metal.  Thus liquid metal veneers are a win-win. 

You can acquire these classical winners at the most affordable prices and the best quality to decorate all the interior spaces.  

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