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Veneer sheets have become a prominent choice in lifestyle upliftment. They are used to establish a strong statement by being utilized in wall claddings, facade, quick renovation and remodelling, bent cladding, curved roofing, surface decors, wall barriers, door skin, furniture, architecture and many more.

Classical Veneers have made this process of veneer application a luxury for all its customers. With quality veneer sheets and a plethora of designs and veneer textures, Classical Veneers ranks as the top supplier as we are the quarry owner and manufacturer with our own mining and over five to six production factories.

Why are veneers sheets best for you

Veneer sheets are being used increasingly for wall cladding, surface decors, door skin, furniture curved or bent elevations.
This is because they have more benefits to them than any other alternatives you might think of.

Cost Saving

Real stones are highly expensive. On the contrary, stone veneers are cost-efficient and give you the similar look and feel to the stone itself. It is a steal deal with more benefits attached.

Flexible for various surfaces

Installing a stone on curved or rugged surfaces can be a challenge. Veneer sheets solve this challenge with ease. These sheets are ultrathin and ultra-flexible. This feature of Veneer sheets allows you to install them at any kind of surface, even curved!

Quick and easy installation

Veneers are compatible with multiple surfaces. They do not need specialisation of any kind for installation. These can be used for decorations, designing or cabinet remodelling.


The veneer sheets offered by Classical Veneers are of high quality. They pass all the standards and last for 20 to 75 years. This in turn saves you money as well as time in the long term.

water and termite-proof

Extremely water and termite-proof -this makes it an optimum solution for bathroom kitchen, backyards, division/wall barriers, door skin and much more.

Effective protection

Effective protection against extreme weather conditions -with classical stone veneer cladding in both your interior exterior you achieve protection against extreme heat, rain, calamities and frost damages.


No one prefers to spend huge amounts of money on a stone just to be bothered about their chipping off or breaking. Flexible veneer sheets are easy to handle and lightweight. These are versatile in their use and do not pose a difficulty in installation or transportation. Hence, this is the best investment you can make in elevating the impression of your residential space.

Natural surface

a real layer of stone extracted directly from the Aravali range of mountains



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Do veneer sheets have Textures?

Yes, they are a wholesome deal. You get a variety of textures to choose from. The basic textures include original stone, Hexagon, diamond, brick and rustic. But this is not all. There are different patterns and shapes which lie under these basic categories too.

Thus, veneer sheets can be your solution to make your walls look beautiful with added flexibility and class.

Why Classical veneers are the best choice for you?

Classical Veneers is a brand name that is associated with quality and trust. We cater to the needs of our clients with World-class quality veneers sheets.

The Veneer sheets produced by Classical Veneers are ultra-flexible and are available in numerous designs and textures. The stone veneers come in a huge variety. The variety ranges from Quartzite, sandstone, marble, slate, granite metal, concrete, liquid metal etc. You even get options for colours and 3D designs.

All our products are highly cost-effective. We strive to provide you with the best worth for your penny. Hence, we bring affordable yet amazing products to you.

We have a worldwide supply of Veneer sheets. We cater to a diverse market including Indian as well as international buyers. We keep everything from manufacturing to delivering professionally organised and managed.